A Bender Family Tradition

Don Bender began his career back in 1949 at Champaign Mattress, when mattress’ were mostly renovated.  Mattress Sets would be picked up from the home, brought to the factory and disassembled layer by layer all the way to the springs.  The ticking (cover if in good condition) would be sent out for cleaning and if in bad condition would then be replaced.

Cotton batting would be refluffed via a grinding garnett machine then relayed back upon the springs and sisal padding. For complete re-assembly Boxspring were needed to be re-hand tied for firmness and stability… AND ALL THE SAME DAY.

A lot has changed.

Don and Wife Joan built there first Factory in the mid 1960’s, Located on the Brownfield Road in Urbana, IL.  This Facility was geared mostly for outside contract sales and lacked much of a showroom.  With in just a short time with so many consumers wanting their high quality product, they saw the need to expand with a new showroom adjacent to the existing Factory.

This Facility would do until the mid 1970’s when a new 6000 square foot building was built at 1108 North Cunningham.  Although contract sales continued to increase, and with this they became a more consumer friendly location.  Beacause of this, retail sales went through the roof.

Joined in business by their son Tom Bender in 1978 to help work the long hours side by side to keep up with the tremendous growth in both contract and retail sales.  In the early 1980’s they opened a 2nd showroom located in Danville, and was managed by Mariann Ellison (Don’s Sister).  This location proved to be an exceptional move and has been a big part of our operation ever since.

But once again we out grew the 1108 North Cunningham Facility, and built a 3rd new location in 1992 that was over 12,000 square feet and still remains our current location at 1206 North Cunningham.  Along with this new location, Don Bender finally joined the ranks of retirement.

Tom Bender, more today than ever, truely believes in only high quality Mattress Sets and employs many of the old fashioned building techniques taught to him by his father and continues to use many of the same materials used decades ago when proven superior to materials available today.

A quality Mattress is not mass produced!  It takes time, has weight, and is equally padded on both sides!

Now 3rd generation, Ryan Bender (Tom’s Son), is beginning involvement in the business.  Joan (Tom’s Mother) holds the position of Secretary – Treasury of the Corporation.

Family member’s, at Bender’s Mattress, are not the only mainstay.  Longtime employee Kevin Bright holds the position of Production Manager and has been with us 26 years.  Cindy Krewson, our Lead Sales Associate, has been with us now for 20 years.

Bender’s Mattress Factory – Truely a Family Owned & Operated Business!